Monday, July 11, 2011

HUGE Leap of Faith

On a funny note...writing that blog title made me remember a funny from last week. Our Schnauzer, Faith, was lieing in the middle of the ottoman that I wanted to use to prop up my feet. I was sliding the piece of furniture over to me when Faith jumped more than four feet (I measured it.) to the safety of the couch with her Daddy.

Chad said, "Wow! Baby, did you see how far she jumped!"

I replied, "That was a HUGE leap of Faith!"

We laughed...uproariously!!

Anywho...onto today's entry into the life of a crazy mama. Darling Daughter Darby begins her blogging life today. Like I am sure her Daddy felt on her first day of Kindergarten and like I am sure we will both feel next month when she begins high school, I feel emotional and much like I am allowing her to jump out of a moving vehicle only because she asked me to let her do it. I know it's dangerous and could get her hurt (THANK YOU "DATELINE: TO CATCH A PREDITOR"), but at some point, we have to let her grow up and make some mistakes and some non-mistakes all on her own. Much like Faithicus, Hubby Dearest and I are watching our Darling Daughter leap from the safety of an anonymus life off-line to one of the unknown on-line.

The Law of the Land:
  • No Real Names (I tend to break that one myself but will get better about making up nick names for everyone).
  • No giving your personal information out online (again I am guilty...but really, I will take anyone out who tries anything with me...HAVE YOU SEEN ME?).
  • Only one blog entry a day (it might take you all day to think of something to write).
  • Do not use your blog as a place to trash your parents or any one else (I am NOT raising a "Mean Girl"!).
  • I have to follow the blog ("...Private eyes, are watching you, watching your every move, do, do, do, do...")
  • Do the right thing and don't embarrass your father and me (there are more rules but this one pretty much covers it all.)!!!!
I feel like I am caught somewhere between shoving her little birdie butt out of the nest and keeping her on a bungee cord so I can pull her back in if she starts to fall. I asked MyMama about this. She said that never goes away. FABULOUS!


  1. Aw that is fantastic! I like the last rule...Don't bring shame on the family. Nice.

  2. I guess because I set it up under my profile, it won't let me follow her. Thank you for being a supporter...she really appreciates it when others outside of her father tell me to let her do something. I love you val!