Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1948 Was A Good Year!

1948 was a leap year that began on a Thursday. In January, Warner Brothers showed the first color news reel, The Tournament of Roses Parade. NASCAR was founded in February. In March, the Supreme Court ruled religion and public education do not mix. The World Health Organization was created by the UN in April, and May...doesn't look like anything good happened that month...(eek!). Nevertheless June of 1948 got them back on track by sending the first monkey astronaught, Albert I, into space.

The best month of that year was July! July 12th to be exact. That was the day God made for my daddy (and Richard Simmons)! That was the day the world became a better place because there was a baby boy created who would become a man, a husband, a father and a grandfather. That man, husband, father and grandfather would teach his family how to love with the strongest of hearts. He would show them how to be dependable and hard working. He would make sure they all knew how to camp and fish. He would be the quiet force to be reckoned with in all of their lives.

Even though most people have never heard James Edward Moore speak, I love to hear my daddy tell stories. Maybe that's where I get that talent. He tells the best stories...and most of them are funny. Come to think of it, I think I have only heard him relate stories with an uplifting punch line. Just ask him about getting stranded in the middle of Texarkana Lake with me, or taking Sister fishing when it was too cold, or pulling that lady at Millwood in the boat "by the seat of her double knit britches." Ask him about Harold hooking a Bubba fish or the numerous stories about his brothers torturing him in his youth. Ask him about meeting my Mama and love of his life.

Today is my daddy's 63rd birthday. Today I celebrate the man by which I measure all men. Happy birthday, Daddy. I love you and send you all my hugs and kisses.

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  1. Haha. Love that your daddy shares his day with Richard Simmons!! :) you made me misty! Love you and thankyou for sharing.

    Love u mr Moore! Love u brenda! Love u Jaimee!