Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for Armageddon

Now, don't check out before we even get started. No conspiracy theories or dooms day talk for me. Recently, one of my favorite people asked if I believed all the hub-bub about the world ending this coming December. Even I was impressed with my automatic response..."No, God is nowhere near done with us yet."

Have you ever really sat and thought about your meaning in life? Why do we do what we do? Why do wonderful graces abound on the unworthy and why do really crappy things happen to really good people? I have thought more than once that when I finally get to heaven, Jesus and I are going to have a come-to-Him meeting.

Nevertheless, let me pose a thought for you to ponder...if the world really was to wipe out on the half-pike right before Christmas, how would you spend the next eight months? I sure as shootin' would NOT get up every morning to go to work, nor would I worry about the toilets being clean in our home or grocery shopping. I can't even say I would continue to write each day...who would read it? I would combine the bucket lists of the ones I love and spend every waking moment living it up. Heck, I might even skip sleeping all together. What would you do?

My Bucket List

1. Fish the local fare in every state in the U.S. (#1 deep sea fishing in Florida, #2 learn to fly fish in Wyoming)
2. Learn to surf/scuba
3. Travel to Spain and Australia
4. Meet Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Queen Latifah, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Ellen Degeneres and Michelle Obama
5. Become a Vegetarian (because I could eat out all the time so my family would still eat)
6. Make a quilt
7. Live in a cabin in the woods off a lake/river
8. Grow a garden and live off what we reap.
9. Make homemade soaps and lotions from lavendar and roses in my garden
10. Make all the dreams of my loved ones come true


  1. I like your #7.

    I never thought about a bucket list before. It is hard to narrow down must dos before the end of the world. Tops on my list would be to head to the beach with my husband, baby & dog. The last two have never seen the ocean and their reactions would be priceless.

  2. Hello Jaimee.

    I am working on the A to Z Blogging Challenge as well. You are my third blog stop. :)

    I can't say I really ever worry about Armageddon. However, I do have an internal drive for self-improvement, and I am fascinated by the world. Hypothetically, if I knew the world would end come December, without a doubt I would try and make sure that I was absolutely certain all the people I care about knew what they brought to my life and that I am glad we crossed paths.

    Have a great day!