Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Darling Daughter

And if I used her real name, it would begin with D as well. I love this gal so much (even when I'm arguing with her about adding shows like "strange addictions" and "ghost mysteries" to the DVR). Who else could convince me that "Get him to the Greek" is rated Pg-13 and persuade me to sit through "Paranormal Activity3" (she paid for that one because she had to sleep in our room that night to keep me from being scared). Only the one I love more than air.

DD asked on her FB the other night if anyone remembered how they met her. She doesn't remember our first meeting because Darling Daughter was a new born baby. Her Grandma took some time off to be at home while her Daddy and Mommy were visiting from NY. I substitute taught Grandma's classes so she could be away. Grandma brought the little doll up to the school so I could meet her. She spit up on her daddy, and I instantly fell in love with darling daughter. I didn't know then that my best friend would someday be my husband and she my one and only daughter. I am still amazed how life works itself out sometimes.

We don't share DNA, but we have this connection that shall never be broken. MyGal is 2 weeks shy of 15, and it breaks my heart that I only have three years and a few months to mother her. I only started this job five years ago! I'm not ready for it to change.

I'm watching her chew her lip and try to GET GOING ON TONIGHT's homework. I see her lips singing along to the music but know she will never actually sing out loud if I'm around. I wonder what she's thinking and worry for her inside and out. I fret that I haven't told her enough that she's my number one. Even the love of my life, her daddy, comes in behind this chick in the race to my heart.

I missed out on pig tails and ribbons in her hair. I didn't get bottles and dirty diapers either. Maybe I got the tough years for both of our benefits. I guess the trade off is that I get the hockey, graduation and college years, the falling in love years, and the mom years. Lord willing I'll be up to the task.

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  1. This blog is all about unconditional love. How wonderful that you've found each other and fit together like mother and daughter. I envy you.