Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for More/Moore

Sister and me in 2004, back when we were both Moore...
This is a repeat from part of last year's A to Z Challenge. My maiden name is the only thing that kept popping into my head while trying to figure out what to write.

For anyone who knows me, you know I have been a "healthy" sized woman my whole life. One of the taunts from childhood was, "There's always MOORE of Jaimee." Thank you Last Name, First Name...Kids are so nice! Well after complaining to my sister Gayla about this one day, she started telling me various ways that she loved me more and what I have more of that others do not. To which I responded, "I love you more!"

Enter the invention of cell phones and texting. Gayla and I were always chatting away with one another daily. After I married Hubby Dearest and the last name changed, when we were concluding our "conversations" sister always wrapped up with, "I love you." I would text, "I love you MOORE." She'd respond, "LoL, I love you HUNTER."

The night I found out I had lost my favorite friend, I grabbed my cell phone and started scrolling through our texts. I have never been more thankful that I never take the time to clear out my messages. I have texts all the way back to September 3, 2010. It's hard, but I am making my way through them and making notes in my journal of each day we had together since September. I am keeping a tally of the number of times we said "I love you!" They will never be enough to last me the rest of this life time without Gayla...I will always want MOORE.


  1. This is a lovely sisterly post. Love the 'MOORE'

    Thank you for finding/following me. I'm doing the same.


  2. So touching and it makes all the difference when you have someone in your corner like that. I am so sorry that you lost her. So awesome that you journal about your love...perfect way to hold onto her. :-)

  3. Hello, Jaimee. I'm so sorry about your sister :( This is a beautiful post. I'm glad you have those texts and it's a wonderful idea to journal about the love of your sister. I'm sure she appreciates it MOORE! :)

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend and happy A to Z!!