Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Party...and Pressies!

Darling Daughter turned 15 and wanted to go to the zoo. It was a party to celebrate her birth! Each of us found some laughter throughout the day. My heart healed just a bit more. I felt more like my old self. DD is my reason for moving forward each day. Having our family and friends around us gives me peace in my soul (no anxiety all day!). We are both blessed to have such wonderful family and friends with whom to spend the day, and my greatest wish would be to spend every day that way. I had a pretty good time playing with the snazzy work camera too (I know what I want for my next pressie day!). Even through that joy, I still felt the missing parts. I guess that will always be.

NOTE: I have heard several times this week, "Give yourself permission to heal." How does one do this? Do you just say, "J-Me, you have your permission to not be sad." Is it something I am supposed to think, say, or do?

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  1. sounds like you all had a fun day! i love the pictures.
    Happy A-Zing!