Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Cheese....National Grilled Cheese Month!

The blog entry that started it all last year...C is for Cheese! You can go back and read it to see why C will always be for cheese (I felt a catch in my gut when I re-read what I wrote last year...still too painful). This year, I am sharing my knowledge on making the best grilled cheese.

Basic Ingredients
Butter (melted)--no spray or margarine...gack!
Bread--your choice of favorites

Not so Basic Ingredients
Avocado, Bacon, Eggplant, Ham, Turkey...the choices are only limited by your imagination...

Set your stove or griddle to medium to med-low heat...toasting slowly gets the bread just right. Grilling too fast at too high a heat with give you soggy or burnt bread. Using a basting brush, paint on the melted butter to both sides of the bread. Toast one side then the other until you see the bread browning up. Layer on your cheese and toppings and close the sandwich with the other piece of toasted bread. I tend to flip the sandwich several times to keep it from burning but to also give the "innards" a chance to warm up and get all melty goodness.

It really IS that simple...now if only I could get The Cuisinart® Griddler® that I have been dreaming of...I would make sandwiches all the time!


  1. Mmmm. That cheese sandwich looks yummy.

  2. I love grilled cheese sandwiches! And adding avocado is fantastic. :) I also flip my constantly to avoid burning such a yummy sandwich.

  3. It's been quite a while since I've made grilled cheese. I like to use colby or sharp cheddar for mine.

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  4. Cheese sandwich is going to be my breakfast tomorrow :)Thanks


  5. ... and now I am hungry. hahaha

    I love cheese in general so this post just made me suddenly crave it. :D