Monday, April 4, 2011

April is National Grilled Cheese Month

If you google April, you'll find that it is National Child Abuse Provention Month, National Humor Month, National Poetry Month, and on and on and on. MySarah sent me a text yesterday letting me know it was also National Grilled Cheese Month. Out of all the more important awareness issues that this month represents, NGCM is the one I am focusing on because my sweet precious Gayla was a grilled cheese fanatic!

When we were in college at UNT, sister and I had the very good fortune to be roommates for my first two years of higher learning. During that time, I was an employee of the student union's night grill, and I learned to make the most amazing grilled cheese sandwhiches. Just like tieing perfect bows on her dresses and French braiding her hair, Gayla always wanted me to make her a grilled cheese for lunch/dinner (sometimes breakfast!) because, "You make them the best!"

We have joked during the last two weeks that a lot of our interactions with Gayla revolved around food. Funnily enough, at one time sister told me, "I hate eating! I wish there was just a pill that we could take that would give us everything we need to survive." I suppose in time, Gayla learned that around the table is where we meet the family that we collect as well as grow with the family that God gave us. Certain foods remind us of home...that's why they are called comfort foods. Grilled cheese is home...I'm so lost and uncomfortable right now without my Gayla, and I just wish I could make her a grilled cheese sandwich.

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