Wednesday, June 22, 2011

William Starling is a Darling!

Three months ago amid the greatest heartbreak of our lives, William Starling plopped himself right smack in the middle of my heart. His birth brought us all great joy, and he is one of the sweetest babies you will ever meet.

Last week, I tried to teach him to put his feet in his mouth...and to scratch his ears with his toes. Papa kept saying, "Aunt J-Me, he's not supposed to bend like that." I say porque no? I taught his big brother to do it, it makes his tummy feel better, and it's so dang cute!

Right now, William Boy (sounds like Wimbaly when James III says it) doesn't do much. However, he seems amicable to me assisting him in learning the running man and giving him kisses (watch out for baby sugars!). He's also very ticklish, but he gets annoyed and starts wailing if you do it too much. He prefers you to walk with him, but his Mama and Pa say, "NO!" So I learned to sit with him on my shoulder. Together, he and I proved I could eat an entire meal with him there...wish I was right-handed when my arm got tired and I needed to switch shoulders.

Today I find myself wondering about all he'll see and do. I do this a lot with his big brother too. When you have such a sweet, smart and crafty Mama and loving, ingenious, and handy Pa, the future could be anything! I love hearing about their newest "firsts" and can't wait to see what is in their futures. Wish I was around more to experience them first hand.

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