Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh, OTIS! I was wrong?!?

This one is for my girls, Skylar-Bear and Darby-Doo! Mark the calendar, Mrs. Jaimee was "WRONG!"

Last summer, Chad and I took Darby and Skylar to Bull Shoals for vacation (I might have mentioned this before, but hang on!). Because it was freaking AUGUST and because we had free rooms with ChadTravelPoints, we decided to stay in a hotel in Mountain Home and drive to our points of interest each day. Hotel name slips my addled brain at the moment but they gave us Otis Spunkmeyer muffins every morning and freshly baked Otis cookies every evening at 6 p.m. on the dot!

At each morning and evening meeting with our dear friend, Otis, the girls would say his name reverently, and I would respond, "Poor Otis...Otis Spunkmeyer. Poor, poor Otis! As a child on the playground, I bet he was picked on mercilessly for his name. Oh Otis! But he would grow up to show them all...wahahaaha! Cookies and muffins to you!"

Then, as if he were following us, Skylar spotted this sign in the descending elevator of the caverns we visited on our last day. Because the elevator was wall-to-wall tourist elbows, she pointed and whispered, "OTIS!"
I wriggled my camera up and got the shot! (See how much muffins and cookies can make you weigh...tsk...tsk...he was pudgy too...sniff)

All year long "Otis!" has been our love call among us gals. Therefore, I just had to make sure we took him along for this year's vacation. Darby and I swung by Sam's Club on our way out of town and bought the giant muffin package...this seems to be the only place we can find the little darlings.

HERE'S where I was wrong...according to Wikipedia, "Despite common belief, the name Otis Spunkmeyer is not actually referring to any person. The name was a whimsical creation of the then 12-year-old daughter of the company's founder." Not. Real. So. Distraught. Confused. Disappointed.

I really wish I would learn to leave well enough alone and not research the biography of every stinkin' person that interests me. I blame Helen Keller and reading her biography when I was in the third grade.

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  1. Poor Helen, you can't blame her. And wikipedia really?? It could be made up...there could be a real one.