Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Greeting Cards

While sorting a file drawer in sister's kitchen this weekend, My Mama came across a ton of greeting cards. There were the ones we had sent Gayla and there were ones that she had bought to send us. I was my mama's rock while she sorted them into piles until she found one for me.

On the front was a little critter wearing a sombrero saying, "Sis, for your birthday, let's have a margarita." On the inside it read, "Isn't it cute how I insinuated we'd only have one." Ever seen rock melt into a should have been there. Now I am carrying the dang thing around in my purse, reading it at least twice a day!

The thing that gets me is that this card had been bought for a while and my birthday isn't until November. Did she stumble across it while picking another card for someone else and purchase because it is just too befitting? Did she have it last November and just forget where it was thus opting to buy the one she gave me? Did she buy two in the fall and this one lost?

Today's a downer...crying at work. Was hoping writing would stick a cork in it. Not so much! On another note, I did send my paper flower creation's pictures to the Ree at I'll be thrilled to see if she makes a comment!

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