Monday, June 6, 2011

Customer Service After the Sale

Nothing much to share today. However, check out the letter I am sending to Robbins Brothers corporate about my trip to the store to have my marital rings cleaned...tsk tsk! Also, check out the recipe I am going to try tonight!

NOTE: the sales manager at RB called me within an hour of me sending my letter! She reflected more of the customer service we have come to expect!

Dear Robbins Brothers,

When my husband and I chose to buy our wedding and engagement rings at your Dallas store more than four years ago, we were blown away by the helpful and eager employees whom completely sold us their "love is eternal" face. When I went into the same store on our one year anniversary to have my rings cleaned and sized, I was met with warm and friendly sales professionals who were more than happy to help me with the services. It was amazing to me that they greeted everyone with such warmth and genuinely kind and helpful regard.

However, on Friday, June 3, 2011, I was treated quite differently. When I approached the front entry of the showroom, the receptionist was preoccupied and had her back to me. I greeted her with a "Good afternoon." Upon turning around, the young woman literally looked me up and down and wrinkled her nose as if I was odorous. It startled me, but I pressed on. I said that I was there to have my wedding rings cleaned and handed her the two rings. She responded with no smile or enthusiasm, "Did you purchase a maintenance plan?" To add to her distain of my person, she also held the rings as if they were odorous. I was very close to losing my temper when another female associate approached and asked the receptionist, "What does she want?" The sales associate didn't greet me or smile but took the rings to the back to be cleaned.

At that time, the receptionist told me to fill out an information card so she could look up our purchase. I am guessing she was able to verify from the information I provided that I was a legitimate client. The only indication of this was that she directed me to have a seat in the waiting area and help myself to some water or coffee. The receptionist walked away to the back at which time I witnessed a male sales associate enthusiastically greet a couple entering the showroom in the manner to which I had come accustomed when visiting the store. When the female sales associate returned with my rings, she did at least smile and I thanked her for helping me. I verified that I was able to have my rings cleaned and she told me "as often as you like" and that I could have it inspected once a year.

My husband and I have recommended your store to so many couples in the past four years. However, I cannot say that I feel comfortable doing this anymore. Isn't it sad what one bad experience can do to a customer service reputation!

Jaimee Hunter

FUN NOTE: YES!, I shall make Pasta with Pesto Cream Sauce! Check the recipe out at

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