Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This is Probably Going to Upset a Few...

What if there were 1,138 laws that benefitted and provided rights and privileges for anyone who didn't have blue eyes? What if more than 85% of the 50 United States didn't recognize your human right to marry the one you love because you have blue eyes? What if only 11.7 million people wore their blue eyes with pride in a sea of 311 million brown and green eyes? What if countless men and women wore colored contacts to hide their beautiful blue eyes?

Personally, my world is better for the men and women in it with blue eyes. They are my brothers and sisters by choice and by heart. I love them with all my being and would give them anything they asked. However, my love will not correct the atrocious wrongs inflicted by this country because of their blue eyes.

CHEERS, New York! Welcome to the modern world. I salute you from my home deep in the dark ages. I titled this "This is Probably Going to Upset a Few..." And I really don't give a flip! We are all God's children, and He loves us, everyone...just the way we are!

NOTE: I was excused from jury duty most likely because I am a child of postal carriers! :-D


  1. haha...was it a dog bite case? :)

    I was just thinking about something John Stewart said on the Daily Show last night...regarding interracial marriage in the sixties. In some states, it was illegal. According to the book, The Help (should be italicized) white people thought that blacks could not help but fornicate when no one was looking-- kind of how people think that gay men are going to "recruit" their sons to the dark side or are pedophiles.

    It's so sad that we live in a time where we have to justify giving a right to a group of people based on marriage being sacred. Especially when those who have the sacred "right" are able to go to Vegas, get drunk, get married to a complete stranger and have it annulled because they were being stupid...or have a politician who has had three wives and cheated on all of them argue that marriage is sacred.

    sorry, i had to tag on to your rant.

  2. I love going to blue eye bars.....I've got a pocket full on dollar bills for a couple of blue eyes dancing around in jock straps. woo hoo! Rewinding w/ yah! new follower, smootches!

  3. Right on, I am all for people with blue eyes and other differances. The right to take on a partner of any sex should be no one else's business. And I hate the name calling, the F word is hurtful

    And please, people with blue eyes, don't call me a "Breeder" it is as demeaning as the F word!

    The Cranky Old Man

  4. Hmm. I'm all for blue eyes too - and I tend to agree with The Cranky Old Man on the 'breeder' line. I look forward to dancing at a few Blue-Eyed Weddings in this country. Soon.

  5. It's not upsetting me a bit. Right on! x

  6. I gave a woop all the way over here in Sydney on the day they legalised same-sex marriages. New York rocks on so many levels and now just that little bit more. Thanks for Rewinding x