Thursday, June 23, 2011

Metal Rooster Obsessed!


Every little break I get today, I am like a woman un-done about finding a five-foot-tall recycled metal rooster. My pal Val (check out her fabulous blog) posted about "The Bloggess" (I am guessing Blog Goddess???) this morning. I was not only falling out of my chair with tears and laughter, I was bound and determined I NEEDED to find myself such a treasure!

Obsession, at least in my world, is the result of a few factors. First, an indescribable and painful urge to WANT to change something and it not be within my ability to do so. Second, it's a "slow news day," and I am obviously not occupied in another endeavor. Third, I have access to a computer and the internet. TA-DA! Perfect recipe for an obsession.

Today the obsession meal began with an appetizer of waking up from a nightmare of dreams unfulfilled and objects of affection stolen from me.
Double measure of sadness was set to ruin me for the rest of the day at 7 a.m. However, like the morning coffee and newspaper routine of a hokier time, I had to check out my buddy's blog and found the little nugget of joy I spoke of in the first paragraph. Because it made me laugh uproariously, I was set upon the mission of finding a five-foot-tall recycled metal rooster. NO. SUCH. LUCK. (I wonder if my brother could make me one...hmmm)

Do I really NEED it? NO. Do I really really WANT it? Probably NO on that too. That's an obsession for you. So now that I have been writing this entry all day (a little here, a little there as time permits), I think I will take a look at what I really need to be researching...grief counseling, Weight Watchers, and a stop smoking plan that works.

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  1. Those are all really good things to research...but the metal chicken is way more fun...I'm just saying.