Wednesday, June 1, 2011


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Summer begins at the sounding of that final clanking bell followed by a crescendo of children's laughter. The melody fades to a chorus of crickets chirping each night and a slight buzzing during the day.

The scorching heat of the season is at first thawing when emerging from a fully air conditioned home or car. It makes you feel lazy and lethargic. In east Texas you can almost feel the air as it sits wrapped around your body.

Watermelon, purple hull peas, cantaloupe, and tomatoes are just a sampling of the tastes of summer. Keep it light and save the home-made Butterfinger ice cream for after the sun goes down.

Summer reminds me of getting dolled up to go out. In the beginning you're crisp, clean and fully clothed. Like summer, you look like an explosion of color ready to burst forth and you smell like a bouquet. However, as the night (and the season) wear on, you shed articles of your garb, your make-up runs out the edges, the humidity starts to frumple you, and WHOO! that bouquet wilts.

The season is upon us. Like I used to tell my students before each break, "Go out there and have fun. Just don't do anything you wouldn't want me to have to read about in the newspaper."

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