Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am sitting on that bench longingly gazing at the wishing well and fiddling with my lone coin. I want to enter into the beautiful garden of life and thrust this silver piece into the wishing well and have one wish to cover all desires in my heart. I don't want to worry anymore...about finances, about my child's future, about the siding that is rotting on the back of our house. I want to stop smoking and lose 100 pounds. I want to be able to say "yes" to every reasonable request my child or my husband makes. I want to make all of their dreams come true plus those of my family and friends. Tack on that we need peace in our world, and every child should have a loving and safe home in which to grow up. Everyone in the world should have shelter and food. The list of wishes is endless.

The logical side of my brain starts categorizing these wishes to help with the selection of the one wish to cover all wishes. It narrows the field little by little. Takes out the ones that are not in my scope of control. Plays "eanie, meanie, miney, mo" with a few. Takes into consideration the theory that there needs to be a plan to assist in the outcome. Finally, I have it!

I boldly walk up to the wishing well, thinking, "This will solve everything!" Right before the traditional closing of my eyes to insure the wish come true, I look at my reflection in the still water and see the eyes of my Gayla. I smile and the Gayla reflection smiles too. My wish to beat all wishes escapes my mind through the tears that begin to flow, now replaced by the one desire in my heart that is impossible. I toss the coin to her, whisper my wish, and return to the bench to ponder the world that continues to revolve around the sun that didn't go out.

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  1. A moment that stopped you in your tracks! So beautiful Jaimee. There's a wish worth wishing for. Thanks for Rewinding again x