Monday, May 23, 2011

Singing in the Rain

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What is it about songs, shows and books that pull at the heart strings and yank you around to see the pain of losing someone you love even if you're doing everything in your power just to plow on through? It's heart wrenching. There's one song in particular though that seems to be haunting me. During times of complete breakdown and distress, "The Dog Days Are Over" starts playing on whatever radio is within ear shot. At first, I didn't think anything other than, "Yeah! Sure they are...I DON'T THINK SO!" However, it's happened so many times now that I am beginning to get a little spooked.

Additionally, I am more and more feeling the urge/need to write a song. Now, I am no more a songwriter than I am a surgeon. Nevertheless, the thought comes into my head more than once a day and nags at me constantly. How do you even go about something so monumental when you have no known ability to play an instrument (the tuba doesn't count) or assign music to lyrics? This same feeling invades my being about writing a children's book as well. This I have a feeling about where to start at least. Throw in my desire to make a quilt and paint a masterpiece.

Wait! Hold the presses! Could it be that I just want to create something that would contribute to the world? Do I want there to be something out there of significance that says, "She existed and mattered!"? Hmmm...things to ponder some more.

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