Thursday, May 5, 2011

W is for Woman

I don't know if it's because she is a "Boomer" raised by a 50's mom or not, but MyMama is the best kind of Woman...a feminine feminist. She raised Gayla and I to be strong, educated, career women who still wanted to be moms and wives. Mama brought us up to think for ourselves and stand up for what is right. We were more than capable of taking care of ourselves and sharing our lives with others. She made sure we knew the golden rule inside and out, including the "loop holes." Ha! Also, is anyone else aware that my mother is a superhero?

The first time I realized my Mama was a superhero was at Spring Lake Park's public pool. We were taking the requisite Red Cross Swimming lessons one summer, and as I held on to the side of the pool, I saw this flash of movement and heard my Mama yell. I looked to my left just as my 5'1" mother vaulted over the four-foot chain link fence and snatched up a toddler who was headed for the water. AMAZING!

The second time I was made aware of her super powers I was throwing a tantrum (shameful!). In a fit of hormonal rage, I picked up an orange from the fruit bowl and chunked it at her. The accuracy with which Mama caught it right in front of her was astounding. The force with which she should have paddled my behind would have been one for the record books.

Today is my superhero's birthday. It's one of the Big-0's but I won't say which one. From her sweet, tender, love-filled heart to her quick wit and amazing soul, you cannot help but love Brenda Gail Moore. She is the kind of woman I want to be when I grow up. I love you, Mama! Happy birthday!

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