Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Positive Post Tuesday!

Do you ever have a song get into your head and just run around in circles like a puppy coming in from the rain? That's me today! "Here's a few of my favorite things..."

FABULOUS BOOK! A true must read...The Help is one of those books that makes you feel a lot of pride (and equal amounts of shame) about being a southern woman. I like to think I'd be Skeeter except I would have put an end to Hilly's bully tactics pretty durn quick.

THIS SONG MAKES ME THINK OF GAYLA AND SMILE... Dave Matthews Band has a song on their Stand Up CD called "American Baby" and I had never heard it until Sister's memorial service. I look at the lyrics "I hold on, to you, you lift me up, And always will, I see you in life..." and feel comforted.

"It's so FLUFFY!" Our family just loves Despicable Me! Darby and I watch it all the time and Chad gets sucked in as well as he's walking through the den. Best Christmas present this past year because it came with a little Minion. I named him Dave!

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