Friday, July 13, 2012

Handcrafted Jewelry

Sculpe Light
Cookie cutters
Rubber stamps
Modge Podge
Beading String

Darling Daughter is modeling the homemade jewelry I made for her in May while I wasn't social networking.

In my efforts to find camp-friendly crafts, I was attempting to make it trendy and cool. Using the lite version of the molding clay allowed it to set in three days of air drying so no oven needed. I used rubber stamps to imprint designs and tooth picks to write the words.

On day three I swiped each bead and pendant in paint and smudged it off so only the imprint kept the ink. I left a bit much on some. After a day of curing, I covered each little gem in Modge Podge.

Once it was all dry, I strung them together to make the bracelet and necklace. Alone, the pieces look like errant cereal. Together, not too shabby. Hubby Dearest and I think using the bake-able molding clay might make this seem more crafty and less kiddie. Also, this may be a better activity for little gals. My teen was only humoring me. :-(

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