Thursday, July 19, 2012


Maybe it was because I grew up in the south. Maybe it was because myMama grew up in the south in the 60s. Maybe it is because some of us have better sense than what God gave a billy goat. Nevertheless, there are certain words and phrases that myMama FORBADE us from EVER saying no matter how old we got (you know what they are and I sure ain't repeating them!).

As I was entering adulthood in the early 90s, we added one to the list--"YOU PEOPLE". After old Ross Perot dropped that booger on the NAACP, it became universally known that this particular turn of phrase was prohibited as well. It implied a certain racial divide that bordered on flat out insult. I think it also screams, "I AM ABOVE YOU PEOPLE" and "My excrement smells of roses and sunshine." You would think that after that hub-bub in 1992 that political advisers would spend at least a week making potential public faces of your campaign memorize and avoid ever using these phrases. Guess Annie girl just skipped class that week.

When I read about Ann Romney dropping the "you people" bomb today, I thought, "Holy moly! Did she just say that!?! Maybe she was referring to the barrage of media hounding her as in, 'You people who make me miserable with all your bantering and questioning my family's immense resources.'" That's probably more like it...then I watched the video. Is she flustered? Was the talking over the interviewer and vice versa just too much and she flubbed? Is she really just that out of touch with Americans that she just let it slip what she really thinks of us? It is kinda humorous the things that the media choose to harp on each day. It's also pretty sad. What do you think?


  1. W.O.W. Holy crahhhhhp! I missed the interview this morning because I'm at a family reunion--that is utterly---I don't know what to say...

    Great post Jaimee!

  2. I think she was referring to the media.

  3. She was definitely referring to the media. But as Jamie points out - there are just certain things you don't say. The fact that she used that phrase as a way to refer to the media - means it is a phrase she uses regularly.

    Additionally, who is she to decide what the media should know and not know? The job of the press (although they have failed at it miserably over the last decade) is to bring issues to the forefront so the American people are informed.

    Do we want people in the White House who think they have the power to tell the press when they know enough and don't know enough?

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