Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Free Fries, Y'all!

At first, I was going to have a Craftastic week and only post crafty tutorials. However, then I had a fabulous anniversary weekend and just had to regale you with our misadventures! I wrote a note to myself in my sleep-deprived delirium that said:

  • Jazz hands
  • Free fries
  • Anniversary
  • Win big

Now that I am rested...

Other than this e-Card I saw on Pinterest, I am unsure of that first reminder. Unless of course I include that my Hubby Dearest said that the asterisks around your texts (in lieu of quotation marks) look more like Jazz Hands. Which prompted me to throwing my own majorette/dancer gang signs into our conversations all weekend, striking a pose and saying in my best dramatic voice, "Jazz Hands!"
Upon our arrival in Gainsville on Saturday to spend the evening at Windstar Casino, HD went in search of an ATM for our bank. I told him we may need to switch banks since it seems every anniversary he and I go in search of our bank's ATM and they seem to always, always, always be on the not-so-safe side of the tracks.

To distract me from our eminent danger, HD decided we needed sodas and cookies from What-a-Burger. After waiting in line for what seemed like an eternity, the drive through attendant asked if we would like salt and ketchup to which I scrunched my face and asked, "On cookies?" Then she asked if we would like free french fries...SCORE! Why yes, we would, thank you kindly. HD looked at me and said, "Free fries, baby! This is going to be our big night!"

I had my doubts since I only ever play the penny slots at the casino...play small, win small. In usual fashion, we walked around trying different machines and losing it all. We decided that we'd each play one more machine and then call it done. I found this one and HD sat at the one next to me. For giggles I always bet the max at least once to see what happens. I hit make bet, $6.00 and HD about croaked. I won $50, which looks like 5000 on a penny machine. HD warned me, "Baby, they can't all be $6 bets."

Without paying attention, I hit the re-bet button and was instantly worried. That was until this dang machine lit up like the Fourth of July! If you can't tell in the picture, that's $704 I won, which made my purse $774.74...I only needed $2.26 to make it $777 for our fifth anniversary! As the machine kept going up and up and up, I started giggling almost uncontrollably. Every time the dang thing started another spin, I would laugh hysterically and tell HD that I loved him. Then HD leaned over with his best jazz hands and said, "Free Fries, Baby! Free Fries!" (He may not remember the jazz hands as anything more than excited hand waving, but I remember jazz hands!)

We ended our run at the casino and stashed away enough to tell everyone we doubled our money. Then we used the rest to sleep, eat and play. The Bloggess may have Giant Metal Chickens for the 15th anniversary and Sloths and baby Kangaroos for the 16th anniversary, which I still envy, but I have FREE FRIES AND JAZZ HANDS FOR THE FIFTH ANNIVERSARY.


  1. Happy belated anniversary....try to picture my jazz hands.

  2. What a wonderful anniversary prize. I am so happy for you. Just keep on laughing, baby girl!