Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary HD!!!--Daily Love Notes

Five years ago today at 2 p.m., I married, know him as Hubby Dearest. Our love story is a funny and sad one of on and off again for 13 years. Then one day in 2006, HD decided he was never going to let me go if I would give him just one more chance. I am often told I am too nice...well you know pays to be nice! Because I am a forgiving soul, I got to marry my best friend. Because I married my best friend, I get to be the Mama J-Me for Darling Daughter. Because of these two, my life's ambition of being a wife and mother are recognized, embraced and canonized.

The fifth anniversary is wood (TWSS) we plan to give each other wood floors in our living room. Goodbye nasty carpet! Also, since May, I have been sending my Hubby Dearest little "love notes" disguised as photos I took of my fingers each day. I share them now with you.

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