Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sister Was My Hero...

Lying in bed unable to move for the stabbing pain in my right back side yesterday, I was once again struck by how much my Gayla was always my superhero. In 2003, Sister and I lived together in an apartment in Bedford. A similar stabbing back pain grabbed hold of me in the middle of the night. Because I thought it was rude to awaken Gayla at 2 a.m., I decided I would try soaking in a hot bath for a bit.

It took all my strength to make the bath and get into it. As I lay there praying for magic relief it dawned on me that I might not be able to get out of the bath on my own and that mental picture of sister finding me stuck in the tub seemed more rude to her than waking her up. To boot the pain was worsening. I used the last of my strength and dignity to drag myself from the tub and squirm into some sweats.

I then proceeded to literally crawl on my hands and knees toward Sister's room. The clock on the VCR in the living room indicated that I had been trying to crawl to Gayla for help for more than an hour. I decided 4 a.m. wasn't as bad as 2 a.m. so I curled up in the fetal position and began to holler for Gayla to help me.

Sister ran out of her room ready to take on whatever intruder was attacking her wailing sister. I think she was almost disappointed that it was just me crying like a big baby on the floor. She had the stance of a woman ready to take someone out. In hindsight...very very funny. Nevertheless, Gayla always kept her cool. She helped me up and took me to the nearby emergency room where I was x-rayed and diagnosed with a severe back spasm.

Never to leave a job half-way complete, Gayla took me and the three scripts for pain and muscle relaxers to the all-night pharmacy. While we waited for the scripts she made me eat Whataburger breakfast burritos and hash browns. At 6 a.m., Gayla put me to bed fully medicated. She then readied herself for work.

Sister never complained about that night. She never made fun of me for being needy or for scaring her to death with my pain-filled cry. She just took care of me. Gayla always took care of me. She stayed with me at the hospital after my hysty and, even after I was married, sister stayed at the hospital with me the night they were ruling out a stroke during a really bad migraine. Gayla may have looked like a wee woman, but her inner strength and willingness to care for others made her larger than life. I love my hubby dearest and know that he did his best yesterday, but I miss my Gayla's TLC more than ever. She was my super hero sister and always saved the day.

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