Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Phone Cozies

HOO! HOO! are you calling?
Darling Daughter was thrilled when I introduced her to Pinterest. Then she was fantastically over the moon when I started making her things that I found on the addictive web site. When she found a felt phone case that looked like an owl, she was spastastically over the moon until she followed the links through to some one's Etsy account and found that for the low low price of $19 we could buy the case rather than follow instructions to make our own.

DD told me as if informing me that the government was run by little green and purple men, "Oh that sucks! And did you know that some people want you to pay them anywhere from $.99 to $5 to purchase a PDF they put online for their paper crafts?" I explained my frustration over etsy and paying $4 on etsy or PDFs of instructions for crochet projects. I also told her about the greatness of the challenge of figuring out the puzzle of "How it's Made" just by looking and trying.

We rollin' old school...

My little stinker drew her cell phone and then spent about 15 minutes designing her owl case around that trace being sure to include 5/8" for seam allowance. We purchased some felt from walmart for $1.50 and within an hour had our very own case. I took my $17.50+tax, shipping and handling that we saved and purchased $15 in felt (64 page-size sheets in all colors of the rainbow). Darling Daughter sketches out the critter and cuts out the felt. I sew it all together using clear thread and my sewing machine. We even have broken out the embroidery floss that we use for friendship bracelets to add some details and such.

Chocolate Milk!

We would love to hear from you! What critters do you think would make cute phone cozies? We've made a penguin for me and an old-school game boy case for girl child. I think we need a frog and a fish and a piggy.

1. Trace your cell phone on a sheet of paper
Pre-sew Penguin and sketch
2. Sketch your critter; you can look at some on etsy and pinterest for inspiration. Think in layers (ie main body, layered circles for eyes (large white, medium color, small black), etc. (add 5/8" seam allowance to your traces going forward). NOTE: IF YOU STRUGGLE WITH THIS STEP, NOTIFY US. DARLING DAUGHTER WILL SKETCH SOMETHING FOR YOU TO USE AS A PATTERN AND SEND IT YOUR WAY...she's crafty like that!
3. Using scissors or a rotary cutter, make four pieces of your main body. This gives the case the quilted look and provides quite a bit of protection.
4. Stitch a 5/8" seam all the way around 2 sets of 2 bodies (one is the front and one is the back now)
5. Stitch the faces and details to the front main body.
6. Lay your phone in between the front and back body pieces (like an oreo cookie) to make sure it fits.
7. Using embroidery floss, you sew three sides of the case together leaving one end open for phone entry.
8. Send us a picture of your creations!!!

I think on the next one we make, I am going to make a third layer of the body to provide a space for your debit card or a little cash for those days you just don't want to carry a purse!

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