Monday, February 27, 2012

Apron Mania

Upcylced Men's Shirt Half Apron
Upcycled Men's Shirt Full Apron

Step 1: Iron a button-up shirt with a collar so that there are no wrinkles and the seams all line up.

Step 2: Fold the shirt as pictured, matching up your seams for even cutting.

Step 3: cut from the base of the collar to below the arm pits to removed the sleeves (you'll use these on the half apron later)
Step 4: (not pictured) cut from the shirt tail to the arm hole on the left and right seams. (Pictured) Then cut the back off around the collar's base. The Collar becomes the neck band of the full apron. If you cut it cleanly, you shouldn't have to finish any edges except to attach some rick rack in the final step.

Step 5: Using a six-inch by 1.5 yard swath of broad cloth for your ruffle, begin by hemming one side of the material.

Step 6: Pin tuck the broad cloth (right sides together) onto the shirt tail of the front of the Full apron. I iron mine to make sure they lie flat during stitching.

Step 7: Stitch the ruffle onto the shirt front (right sides together!).

Step 8: iron and hem the rough edges on the apron and use ribbon at the bottom of the past arm holes as your ties. After hemming, I used a medium width rick rack on the outline of the apron from the top collar on the left all the way around to the top collar on the right (above the ruffle.) Rick rack hides a multitude of sins in sewing. HEHEHE!

Finished full apron.

For the half apron, I used the extra material from the sleeves and back of the shirt and the matching broad cloth to make a multi layered ruffle and front pocket. You could also put pockets on the full apron if you want.

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