Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome Back Write on Wednesdays! Agent Chin-Wag

InkPaperPen brought us back last week, but something...I don't remember...kept me at bay. Here's this week's prompt (oops! I went over time). Ding!

The Write on Wednesday Spark: Agent Chin- WagPay attention to the conversations around you: at the dinner table, in the supermarket, while DVD Returning, wherever. You are looking for one line, one tiny sentence of dialogue. You may find your words lurking in a D&M or perhaps you will choose a phrase from everyday chatter. Write down your line. Use it to inspire your Write on Wednesday post. Keep your post on the short side: up to 500 words OR a 5 minute stream of consciousness exercise. Link your finished piece to the list and begin popping by the other links. Oh and enjoy.
There are certain phrases that our little family of three has adopted either from favorite TV shows or commercials or just the everyday crazy sass (TWSS). We have "milk-a-what" from a SuperBowl commercial two or three years ago. "I appreciate ya'" is a Papa James original."I love you, Moore" and "ROGUE NUT!" (or fill in NUT with anything escaping across the counter) matriculate from our dear, sweet Aunt Gayla.  This last one is one that always catches me tickled, especially when Darling Daughter dishes it out. Here's how this little ditty came to be.

What would be the odds that I could find the
photo of that day...taken immediately after she
spoke those fateful words..."ROGUE NUT!"

"ROGUE NUT!" Gayla hollered as she maneuvered the serving bar in her fancy shoes to catch the cashew that was hurling itself toward the other side of the bar to dive to its demise on the floor below. In Sister's mind a wasted cashew was sacrilege. She and Darling Daughter, Gayla's niece favorita, giggled and exchanged knowing looks.

DD had heard the stories of fallen hot dogs at the horse races that were still consumed (10 second rule and a little bud light) and last dinner rolls licked on every side by multiple claimants only to be devoured still. Although my germa-phobe self could never stomach such tomfoolery, I think we as the children of our there-are-starving-children-in-China parents subconsciously believed their threat and made sure we didn't waste a bite. I also think that our immune systems are so strong because we never get ooged out by much.

That scene was at a wedding shower a year before we lost Sister. The night she died, Hubby Dearest had bought a cookie for me from a Sleazy Mart on our way home in hopes that I would eat something. Unfortunately, HD fumbled the cookie, and it fell to the asphalt. Without thinking, Chad lunged for the cookie, yelling, "ROGUE COOKIE!" He gasped at his faux pas and immediately worried I might break down finally. I just giggled through my tears, picked up the cookie and popped it in my mouth in memory of my lost sister. I then immediately spat it out because there was something wet on it. Gag!

Despite my one failed attempt on the wild side, the phrase "Rogue ______!" seems to make its way into our lives every day. Yesterday it was rogue french fry (let the dogs have it). The day before it was rogue crochet needle (watch out...they stab). We have had escaping food, fish (live trying to free themselves from the boat), dishes, and one nephew (I caught him before he rolled to the floor thank goodness). Sometimes I "accidentally" drop a cashew so I can say, "Rogue nut!" and grab it up before it gets gross.


  1. That's cute. I may just have to adopt the rogue phrase. :D

  2. I enjoy a random catch phrase. My family has many of them. Thanks for sharing ROUGE NUT!'s origin!

  3. Adorable! I love the idea, and the word rouge is just so fun to say.No wonder you make up excuses!