Monday, January 30, 2012

Felted Sweater Craftiness

Start with a felted sweater
(100% wool washed in hot water
and dried and ironed on high heat).

Cut the arms and neckline out
to make the handles of the bag.

Sew the bottom of the sweater
closed to create the floor of the bag.

Use the excess material to create
a pretty floral design. I also used
one of the sweater's cuff to
make an inside pocket, using
fabric glue to adhere.


  1. Gorgeous!!! Have been collecting sweaters from Goodwill and felting them, now to get down to business, have to get over the fear of the first cutting with the scissors!! lol Was wondering what stitch you used to sew the bottom closed?? New to sewing here and not been able to find info on machine sewing felted items, any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

    1. Deborah, thank you for visiting! At the time I was still pretty new to sewing and used the basic stitch. I think to have a little more give, I would probably try a zig zag surge like with t-shirt material. I don't know enough about sewing to know for sure....experiment!