Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Sosie Week in Texas!

Just in case my petition to make this week a world holiday doesn't go through, I want the world to be aware...THIS IS WORLD SOSIE WEEK! I know it won't be approved by the world so I am going to at least hope for the state. All kidding aside, this is the week that Sosie becomes Mrs. Flan-the-Man, and I couldn't be more thrilled, scared and a little worried all at the same time.

Flan-the-Man...oh wow! You couldn't find a more polar opposite from our fireball Sosie. However, they are perfect for each other. He is the consummate realist and perfect anchor for our girl. Craig makes sure we all keep our heads in the calmest most friendly way. In kind, Sarah is Craig's perfect mixture of fun and effervescence. She lights up all of our worlds with her kind heart and beautiful soul. Plus...they are going to make beautiful ginger babies!

Where does my fear and angst come in, you ask? It has nothing to do with the happy couple or their beautiful future...that part is all about me! I'll know after tonight if my bridesmaid dress actually fits. It was just a hair shy in the Ta-Da area so I took it to the tailor to have an inch more space given to my breathing ability. Add to that I am not a heal wearer, but I have the cutest pair of pumps for the big day and have been practicing walking all around our house in them so as to not stumble and fall on Sosie's big day (that might cause the first problem to become a moot point...I actually had a nightmare that I fell and the dress split open like a pinata, spilling me and my party favors out all over the chapel...not cool!).

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  1. I am so lucky to have found my lobster in Flanagan! :) And I am so very lucky to have the bestest friends in the entire world. I love you J-me