Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Try Something New Tuesdays: Skype and Face Time

Since I first watched Back to the Future II, I have anxiously anticipated having my first flying car and automatic dog walker and shoe lace tightener. Just think! The movie was set in the year 2015...we're only three years away!! Rock On!!

Do you know what tells me we are on our way to soda bottles with built-in straws, hover boards, and bar code license plates? We are about to be living the flying car life because I have already experienced my first Skype and Face Time visits with Sosie, J-Man and myMama and myDaddy!

Sosie, J-Man and I can have coffee and chit chat like
we are all in the same room now!
Now granted, my little IPad2 screen is not a projection screen on the wall the size of the wall, but if I ever get fired via video phone, I wouldn't want it plastered in 10-foot font anyway. Also, from what my communicators have told me, I am no master at making sure I look at the camera instead of their faces.

I realize this is no big whoop for many of the tech savvy world out there, especially those who have been video visiting for years now. However, I feel like I just stepped out of my DeLorean and am ready to hover over to my next great adventure.

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