Thursday, April 21, 2011

Q is for Qi and Qat

All my Words With Friends fanatics know that drawing the dreaded Q can sink

your boat if you don't also find a U. However, I have made a point to find

words that are not restrained by English grammar rules! For

instance consider the following: cinq, cinqfoil, coq, qabab, qabalah, qadarite,

qaddish, qadi, qadiriyah, qaf, qaid, qat, qazi, qere, qi, qin, qintar, qre,

suq, tranq, waqf, and about 50 more! Is it really cheating if I study words for

the sake of winning the game? A common debate among Friends. What's the

difference in learning a word by chance and storing it away until it can be of
use and actively seeking to learn new words?

Nevertheless, I am guessing this is why Gayla always said I was "book

smart" and she was "street smart." Geniuses in our own rights

according to our doting mother (really!! Whose mama doesn't think they are

brilliant!). I think that was sister's way of calling me a nerd and making it

seem okay (AND keeping said doting mother from getting on to her!). I would

have to agree for the most part though. I am a nerd in that if you give me a

book, a class, or a demonstration, I absorb the knowledge like a sponge. Put me

out in the real world, and I "Forest Gump" my way to success. Place

sister girl in the same make up and flip the sitch. We were like that in most

areas of our lives...apples and oranges...peas and carrots. Different to our

very make up but superb when mixed together...complimenting one another. Almost

like the "Q" and the "U." Either can go it alone and be

just fine, but put them together and life is easier, life is more diverse, life

is "normal", life is filled with so much more! I am "Q,"
and I miss "U."

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