Thursday, April 21, 2011

L is for Love

Love is...

my mama making a homemade bannana pudding whenever I come home to visit

my daddy holding my hand while we wait to hear what the doctor says

my brother poking me in the stomach after surgery and saying, "Does this hurt? How about this?"

my sister buying me a gym membership and being my workout partner because she wants me to live longer

my sister-in-law taking me to Girl Scout Camp and garage saleing

my husband, who's not a morning person, walking with me at 6 a.m.

my daughter telling me, "You're the best!"

my father-in-law building cedar chests for me and my sister

my mother-in-law bringing me dinner and making sure I eat

my other sister-in-law taking care of me after almost every surgery I've had

my Sarah throwing me a birthday party two weeks after meeting me

my Jeremy buying me a gold fish when my first one committed suicide onto my kitchen counter

my Mike cooking breakfast for all of us anytime

my Valerie and crew making sure I do "normal" activities like lunch with the girls

my countless friends writing, calling or texting to let me know they are thinking of me

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