Wednesday, April 6, 2011

D is for Dog

Yes! We are "those" people. Our dogs are our babies. My mama even calls them her granddogs! When we lost Sofie and Ellie in December 2008, I just couldn't imagine having any more. However, Chad saw it differently, and we brought home Hope a week later. Two weeks later at her first appointment, I was crushed to find out Hope's heart had a murmur. We decided then if her life was to be shortened, she needed a sister to play with as much as possible. Enter Faith. For a time, we didn't think Hope's heart would sustain her much longer, but Faith's spunk (and twice daily heart meds) have given Hope a year more than we were told to expect. In fact the vet told us at her last appointment to keep doing whatever we are doing because it's working! Both babies have been my snuggles and comforts in this terrible ordeal. Just goes to show a little Hope and Faith makes the world a better place!

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