Thursday, April 21, 2011

J is for James

The meaning of James, according to the baby name books, is "he who supplants." The synonym for supplant is "succeed." No matter which branch of this gal's family tree you choose to climb, you'll find a plethora of James's, including my little variation of Jaimee. Grandfathers, uncles, in-laws, brother, nephew, and the one and only Daddy.

If you've had the pleasure of meeting my Daddy, you well know he is a complex man wrapped in a simple exterior. His favorite nuggets of wisdom: "Do as I say, Not as I do" and "I just keep my mouth shut, and I stay out of trouble." His deep voice, sometimes gruff to others, can sooth the rowdiest of babies and children. He's almost like a pied piper in that area. Although I don't remember the exact words of love he bestowed on me and my sister more than two decades ago, seeing my Darby tear up a few weeks ago when Daddy gave his "dating speech" reminded me that when he does speak, my Daddy's words are profound and heart touching.

Daddy has always made our famly priority number one. He and mama may not have been able to give us three everything we demanded on the exact minute we wanted it, but they would make sure our hearts were content and, most importantly, filled with an immeasurable amount of love. Not everyone knows this, but when my Mama and Daddy renewed their marriage vows the summer of their 25th year, it was entirely and totally my daddy's idea. He is my Mama's number one fan and the basis for which I used to choose my husband. Daddy's focus is always us...his greatest loves.

Each of us has had the wonderful experience of being Daddy's "favorite" for a day. There is something special and cute about those days spent on the creek or where ever we were when we had his undivided attention. Daddy takes great pride in making sure we each know how much he loves us. I think three of his proudest moments were the days Gayla, James II and I graduated from college thus completeing one of Daddy's life's goals of having three college educated children. Each of our weddings' pictures show you a man with great love and pride in his children as he gave them to another to love just as much as he loves us.

It is safe to say my daddy James Moore is a success.

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