Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for Friend

Friends are people we are attached to by affection. They are people we rely on ... people we help and are helped by. Friends are the family we choose. Someone once told me, "Friends are the people who see your faults, your temper, your dirty laundry, and they love you anyway." Seems these days I have more friends than I ever imagined, and I am blessed.

MyGayla was my best friend from the day I took over her world of only-child-dom. I was blessed that my best friend was also my sister. We may have argued and bickered like siblings do, but we always loved each other. My husband was shocked and amused when I told him we fought just like sisters do. He said he couldn't see it. I'd tell the stories but just don't have it in my heart right now.

F is for Friend. It's also for FORT. Friends help each other build forts of all kinds. When we were growing up, Gayla, James and I were tight. We played together like any other children. One day in March of some year in the 80's, sister and I had the bright idea to build a fort in our back yard. We drug all of mama's kitchen chairs into the backyard, borrowed some plywood from daddy's garage, and made a fort with a quilt floor. Gayla, genius that she was, even pushed one of our bikes up to the "door" to act as a sliding glass entryway into our kingdom. We played in and around our little castle for hours. I don't remember much else or why this is an important event to me. I just know that it is a happy memory.

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