Monday, August 22, 2011

You are KIND, You are SMART, You are IMPORTANT!

You are KIND, You are SMART,

Our Darling Daughter starts her adventure in high school today, and I feel like I just climbed into the lead car of the largest, tallest, scariest electric roller coaster at the amusement park of life. I used to joke with Hubby Dearest that if we could get her to the age of 18 without too much damage, then we did a pretty good job. Some how all the laughs have gone out of that joke beginning today, and she is only 14. I think it is because, from this point forward, I know that we are only spectators in her adventures. We cannot "make" her do anything and can only provide the best possible environment to make all of her wise and unwise decisions.

Although I told her that this would be the year she started setting her alarm and getting herself up in the morning, I still woke her up this morning. I still did my, "Wake up, wake up, it's time to wake up in the mooooorrrrnnnnning! First day of high's going to be aweeessssoooooommmmmeeee!" song. I also braided her hair because she asked me to and followed her around making sure she had everything from supplies to lunch. I think she might have been a little wigged out that I kept holding her face and saying, "You are kind, you are smart, you are important...say it with me!" (We saw The Help this weekend!) When she would say it with me, I would add, "And we love you, love you, love you!" To her credit, she smiled and giggled at me (I put a note in her lunch that said the same thing and sent her a text with it for when she gets out of first period. I'm a loony tune! I know this! Don't judge!) I am not the only one struggling with separation anxiety (8 years too late or 4 years too early depending on who you ask). Hubby Dearest is working from home like he has for the last 8 years "Just in case she needs something and calls."

I am a stalker mama!
We asked her yesterday if she wanted us to drop her off the first day or if she wanted to ride the school bus. I have to admit that I was internally devastated that she wanted to ride the bus. I did hide out at the corner of the street plenty far away to watch her get on that bus. Then my route to work may have coincided with her route to school (it was totally coincidental!). I am looking forward to hearing all about her first day of high school and will try not to be too disappointed when all she says is, "It was okay."


  1. haha...that's exactly what she said when i texted her to find out just now. :) I told her that I would have thrown something at you for singing at me...but advised her not to EVER do it :)

  2. Don't give that girl any ideas, woman! :-P

  3. BTW...I have begun to think we sent her to a looney bin since the only descriptive she used for EVERY teacher was "crazy"! The AVID teacher is "you know, young teacher crazy" and the Geometry teach is "you know, math teacher crazy." Lord, bless my heart if this is the new way to describe everything!