Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Sister Gang...We're Rockstar Planners With (almost) Too Much Sass

The Gray Girls: Sarah, Annie and Becky
No, you didn't miss something. I didn't post yesterday, and I didn't try anything new this week. I'll try to get back on track for next week. I did however join a gang this week. I really cannot say it is something new because it seems like we've always been a gang and just didn't get organized until recently.

Sarah, Annie and I are in a Sister Gang. Unfortunately, the initiation required that we each lose our sister. Like ionic and covalent bonds (look how smart I am using all sciency terms and stuff...not too smart since I cannot remember which one we really are!), we had to lose something to be drawn into one another and stuck like glue (the industrial type glue that never comes off).

The Moore Girls: Jaimee and Gayla
This week has been almost too much to take. Everyone tells us, "God won't give you more than you can handle." We say, "ENOUGH ALREADY! THE PLATE IS FULL! THE BUCKET IS EMPTY! WE HAVE NO MORE TO GIVE! NO FREAKING MORE!!!!" (We shake our fists and release a warrior wail.) And yet we get up every morning, work like maniacs all day and barely sleep at night. We get the jobs done, and we keep one eye pealed for whatever craptastic load is about to come down on us next.

Gayla and Sarah
Sarah's Daddy and MyMama said the same thing to us though. Something good comes from these heartaches of ours...we are bonded together to weather any and all storms that are or ever will be. I lost Gayla and gained Sarah and Annie. They lost Becky and only get me...sorry about that.

We three are a matched set though. We can be in the throws of a hissy crying fit on the verge of losing our minds to misery when laughter erupts. It feels like the brink of insanity being so close to such profound sadness and manic hysteria at the same moment. Luckily, we share a common sense of humor and can say things inadvertently to lighten each other's loads.

Sarah, Annie and Gayla
For instance, we've decided there needs to be a market for Memorial Planners similar to Wedding Planners. I was telling Sarah that I wasn't sure how I felt about us getting good at this but that we could probably make good money at it and save people a lot of stress. Sarah's response through tears and sobs: "We could make a killing at it."  Erupt into laughter and throw out that as our slogan and mind-design t-shirts for marketing. Annie joins the fun and we joke to break up the sadness. I haven't even told them yet that Logical Flanagan (Sarah's fiancee who's going to make an amazing husband for her) very seriously told me that we could do it and do it well.

That's another thing about our gang. We each have amazing mates that support our crazy, stand back and let us be women on missions, forgive us when we mistakenly smack them with a harsh word, and miraculously are standing close enough to wrap us up in their love when the break downs take over. Greg, Craig and Chad, darling men of ours, we could not do any of this without you. Our sub-gang consists of our babies who also know just when to lay on the love. Darby, Mo, Tinky, and Rory, you are our greatest treasures. I think I like our gang. Nah! I absolutely freaking LOVE OUR GANG!

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  1. I love this post and think you guys would do great with that kind of business. No one wants to do that kind of planning. It would be perfect to be able to let someone else just take it. I love you, and keep you in my prayers.