Friday, August 12, 2011

Red Dress Friday--Hanky Panky

I chose this photo today because doesn't it just make
you want to laugh and smile? PHOTO SOURCE

Well, the Red Dress Friday may be short-lived. Their writing prompt this week was to write about sex. I am taking a page from The Pioneer Woman where she explains you blog about things you wouldn't mind talking about with your sister. Although, MyGayla and I had no topics that were off limits, including hanky panky, I am going to stick to the same rule I give Darling Daughter...don't embarrass your father and me. I am sure myMama and myDaddy appreciate that!

Remember when I said that the ultimate act of love is KNOWING the other person? Well another is remembering the things they say long after. MySarah used a Jaimee-ism in her paper today that I am sure I said but don't remember. I just love that it made an impression on my soon-to-be-English-Teacher friend and that she recalled it.  "[The story] reminds the reader how vlunerable a personal work is and how, to the author, a work is like a child--you would never tell a mother her child is ugly; therefore, you should never tell a writer the work is crap." I love you too Sarah.

Have you experienced an act of love, something that made you feel the love without those three little words attached to it? Share, share, share!


  1. Aw, you made me misty eyed! :) I remember you saying it when you were helping me with my Daphne Du Murier paper. I do love you!! You're the bestest!! :)

  2. Aw. I am a fan of the impromptu hug out of the blue.