Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursdays Are Happiness Reports:
August--Being Organized (08/04/2011)

My Desk From Ikea--my birthday present
a couple of years ago! It was organized at the
time...time to save it from the mountainous
piles of life that are encroaching.
"Order is heaven's first law." Alexander Pope

Last Thursday I asked What Makes You Happy? Then I spent the week making a list of a few things that make me happy (i.e. being with family and friends, reading a good book, going to the movies, singing along with the radio, etc.). After I made the list, I made a plan for the next year. Each month will have a different theme and each Thursday of that month will have an action item that I am partaking of to help me better embrace happiness.

This scorching month of August is Being Organized (let's hope this doesn't ignite some OCD spark that becomes a new malady). I always feel better prepared for whatever life throws at me when I am organized. I also feel genuine happiness right after I complete a big organization task (maybe I am already OCD).

Nevertheless, with all the happenings in our lives the last few months, our home has become a clutter fest, thanks in most part to my lack of attention and general f-it feelings. My first action item has been to read up on getting organized. From here I will spend the rest of the month taking items from my research and putting them into action in the Hunter household.

The first resource I discovered is Simple Mom (Click on the title to go to her blog!). From this wise goddess I take tips on reducing our paper clutter. The best advice she gives is to "purge often, to have a place for everything, and to make decisions quickly." Point of order next week--ORGANIZING OUR OFFICE! That means I need the industrial shredder from work, file folders for the must keeps, and probably a few cleaning supplies and craft organizers.

My second landing in researching getting organized was the Real Simple website. I found this interesting article about clutter-busting. Basically, act like you're moving! Then you want to "purpose" each room in your house to make sure the activities in that room are well supplied and not over-stocked with useless items. I especially liked the part about "shopping your closet." If you would buy that blouse again, keep it. If not, then donate it.

Here's another resource out there--Declutter 101! They nailed it when they wrote, "Clutter is evidence of many things: poor habits, lack of organization, sentimental attachment, too much stuff." I am looking forward to using the four box method of decluttering (put away, give away, store away, or throw away).

And because buying magazines makes me happy, I just had to grab September's Family Circle off the stand by the check out. I mean really! Its main article is "Get Organized! Your Home, Your Kids, Your Life." How could I possibly ignore that impulse buy on the very week I start this little endeavor?!? I was "ehn" about the article on organizing but abso-absolutely LOVED "The Do Everything Better Guide"! INSTRUCTIONS TO FOLDING A FITTED SHEET!!! Also, did you know there is a treehouse resort in Oregon...that's just too cool for me to pass on passing on. I think I will get Hubby Dearest to take me!

Visit my blog each Thursday to see how My Happiness Project is going! This next week I am tackling our office. I'll follow with organizing our kitchen (YAY! Cabinet organizers!), and then I'll tackle the closets (EEEK!). Here's the plan by month so far:
  • August--being organized
  • September--eating healthy
  • October--having energy
  • November--being thankful
  • December--focusing on family and friends
  • January--focusing on marriage
  • February--focusing on parenting
  • March--being creative
  • April--being helpful
  • May--working smarter
  • June--being adventurous
  • July--loving Jaimee

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