Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Try Something New Tuesday
Russian Cuisine--08/16/2011

Two weeks ago when I began Try Something New Tuesdays, I asked for suggestions from you. MySarah suggested trying Russian Cuisine, which caused HubbyDearest to say, "Well, looks like Sarah just volunteered to help you with next week's Tuesday." So I texted Sweet Friend and thanked her for volunteering to join me. There's only one Russian restaurant in our area, Russian Banya on Rosemeade in Carrollton, TX. Ask for Tony G; his people took amazing care of us. It didn't hurt that we were their only clients on a Friday at lunch. I hear Saturday requires a reservation though.

All in all, Sarah and I couldn't rave enough about the service and the food. I will say that taking a PepcidAC before I went would probably have helped me later on. Don't get me wrong; it was amazing! I am just not a young chick anymore, and cucumbers HATE me!
We began our adventure by trying Kvas, which the waitress told us was "like root beer but not sweet." We were blown away by the extremely large 2 liter bottle that came out. Sarah said it's taste reminded her of rye bread. I thought it tasted like carbonated prune juice. We both agreed it smelled like stale beer. We were a little nervous after our little beverage mishap. However, we are glad we didn't give up as the rest was just divine.

After our beverage and a little SPICY salsa stuff on bread, we moved on to appetizers. Because I abhor beets and Sarah loves them, she had the Russian Beet Salad "Veinegret," and I partook of the Russian famous "Olivja Salad." We were good Girl Scouts and tried three bites of each. Sarah was so in love with her beets that she took them home (check out her homage).
While Sarah and I were still eating our salads, we ordered Pirogues with Cabbage and Chebureki, deep-fried lamb dumplings. The Pirogues was deep fried bread stuffed with sweet cabbage...pretty good. The Chebrueki was deep fried meet in a pastry. As we said in unison, "WHO DOESN'T LIKE DEEP FRIED PASTRY AND MEAT!" Absolutely delish!!
Although we were totally stuffed, we knew it wouldn't be a true adventure if we didn't make room for a sweet. Can I just recite Sarah's impromptu song for the Honey Cake (think Phoebe's song on Friends called "Smelly Cat" for the tune)? This was the most delicate, creamy, chocolate pastry goodness to ever cross my taste buds. Holy shmolly! I would go back just to eat deep fried meat pastry and this large piece of heaven any day!

Honey Cake
Honey Cake
I don't know what to say
there should be a song about you....

And what does an adventure gone right do? It inspires you to make lists of all the new things to try someday. Here's what Sarah and I jotted down on the back of our Russian menu today:

  • kayaking
  • 5k training to eventually RUN a 5k
  • mud bath
  • banya (not just food; they have a spa too)
  • Zumba
  • Ballroom dancing class
  • Watch a Bollywood movie at a Bollywood theater
  • Watch a foreign movie at a theater
  • Quilting
  • Take Darby to see a Midnight show of Rocky Horror
  • Participate in a flash mob
  • Boot Camp
  • Art Class
  • Dance on a Bar
  • Puerto Rican food
  • Meditate at a Buddhist temple
What do you suggest?


  1. Fly in a "vomit comet" - zero gravity experience in an airplane...granted, we can't afford it, but wouldn't it be totally righteous??

  2. Uh! NO!!!!! I barely survive in regular airplanes, Missy, and I rarely do roller coasters. I used to have a shirt that said "Coaster Chicken" (I think Gayla bought it for me). Let's add volunteering at a homeless shelter though before I forget again.

  3. Yes, it wouldn't be called a complete meal without dessert. From the looks of it, that Honey Cake is worth all the wait. :) Anyway, I like your 'Try Something New Tuesday' adventure. Learning or trying something new every Tuesday is sure to make you week more interesting.