Friday, March 23, 2012

Will-I-Am, Year One

A day late but better than never! Yesterday was the first birthday of my Will-I-Am (I like funky nick names and his is perfect!). His party is Saturday and his Aunt J-Me has fun, fun, fun gifts for him. When James III was born in 2009, I wrote him a letter the day he was born. Poor Will-Man was born in the midst of a very deep heart ache and his Aunt J-Me let him down. Once again, better late than never...

Dearest Will-I-Am, from the day you were born, you brought sunshine to my heart. You are the only little man I have ever met who seems to have started your life smiling. You have to know that your smile brings me some of the greatest joy. Your Uncle Chad always melts when you give him part of that joy (here's an inside tip...tell Uncle Chad he's number one, and what's his is yours for the asking!).

The day you were born, I was stuck in Plano taking care of business. However, I waited by my phone all day. I called your Granny and Papa every hour on the hour. I cried with your Pa at least twice on the phone. When your picture zoomed onto my phone that night, I broke down crying. You were perfect and finally here! I was also totally excited because you looked like me when I was a baby. You looked just like I had pictured my babies would have looked if I had had any.

As the second born, you and I have a lot in common even so early on. Your big brother, like my big sister (Your Aunt Gayla), will be your best friend for all of your life, little Man. I know there will be a year or so in your late teens where you cannot stand the sight of each other. You will sometimes feel like he is leaving you out of his fun (Aunt J-Me will always agree that it's not fair). However, there will be moments when the two of you will take on the world, and you will know that James III is the one person you want in your corner for all times.

William, you also need to know that you have the best parents backing you 110% of the time. Your Mama and Pa will have rules for you that you will not understand or even want. However, let me tell you a secret, they are not trying to ruin your life. They honestly don't have the time to sit around making up things to destroy your happiness. Ultimately, the rules are to make sure you grow up to be a polite, educated, and well-rounded man. Also, when you feel like they are on you too much, call me, Aunt J-Me will tell you some stories about your Pa ;-).

Will-MAN, I have a feeling, when you finally read this, I may owe you an apology. You came along during a time in my life where I was a little crazy with the creative juices. If you feel like I crocheted you into a Auntie's Boy, pardon this old lady. I did it out of love. Always know that, William! Your Aunt Jaimee loves you, loves you, loves you. You know if I say it three times, then I really, really, really mean it. Happy first Birthday, William.

Love always,
Aunt J-Me


  1. Happy Birthday Day, William! He is ADORABLE!

  2. what a cutie! :D happy number one, william.(love the name...)