Monday, March 26, 2012

Hungry for MORE!

I wish every digit on my hands were thumbs so I could say 10 thumbs up....WAY UP! As an avid reader, I usually don't fall head over heels in love with movie adaptations because so much is left out or the chosen actors for my beloved characters aren't what I was expecting. However, The Hunger Games is my newest love on all fronts! Darling Daughter and I have been almost overly excited to see the adaptation and were thrilled to take Memaw with us.

The actors portrayed their characters perfectly. Although I pictured Peeta a little more Hoss-ish (from Bonanza...I think I just dated myself) and I kept seeing the little guy from Bridge to Teribithia, I love, love, love Josh Hutcherson! I've always been a sucker for boys with personality! Also, I think Jennifer Lawrence must have been cloned to play Katniss because she couldn't have been more perfect! Lenny as Senna made me fall in love with that character even more and I wished they had developed that relationship more. Ditto for Ru! Amandala Stenberg, you are just beautiful!

This may be one of the few times I go see a movie more than once in the theater! I will definitely own it when it comes out on blue ray! Also, watching the movie made me want to re-read the books ...that's a flip!

There were only two slips from the story line...where the Mockingjay Pin originated and the point at which who could win was flip flopped. It didn't really take away from the story so all is well that ends....well, you need to go read or watch to find that out!

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  1. I still need to see this! Ah! Hopefully this week.