Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am Woman, Celebrate Me?

In my daily quest to keep fresh facts about distracted driving posting on the Texans Against Distracted Driving page, I went to do my daily Google of the topic. Their neat-o graphic intrigued me so I hovered and found out that today is International Women's Day. Train of surfing led me to the Washinton Post's article detailing the celebrations around the world in honor of women. Everyone should read the post to gain a better understanding of the issues women face all around the world...things I never even considered.

As for me, there isn't time to take the day off, no one knows about the day so I probably won't receive flowers, I have no extra money for donations to women's causes, in order to protest I would have to take off work (see point one), the same goes for meeting on a bridge, and I look horrible in red lipstick. So how will I celebrate...I already took a stand against sexual harassment this week with regard to the mistreatment of my child (YES, BULLYING IS HARASSMENT AND SINCE IT WAS HOMOPHOBIC BULLYING I SAY THAT CONSTITUTES SEXUAL HARASSMENT). Additionally, I will look back on history and dream of a future for my Darling Daughter were she is equal in every single way...even if she wanted to play professional Hockey. I think I will seek out a cupcake as miss an opportunity for cake? Have you seen me? ;-)

All joking aside, I am proud to be a woman with a voice. I am thankful for the freedoms that all too often I take for granted. I am grateful for loving family and friends, a solid education and my health. I celebrate being me every day that I crawl out of bed and choose to keep moving forward. Yay! Me!

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