Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Jackanapes

My favorite Jackanape!
I am a zookeeper, y'all! I specialize in Jackanapes.

The particular species I am currently keeping are the adolescent jackanapes. These are tricky critters, especially when they are socializing with others of their kind. The males are extremely physically social, touching and rough housing with all varieties of their kind. The males suggest the behaviors are friendly through smiles and call of laughter. The female jackanapes are rumored to negatively socialize with other females of the clan, ONLY when not observed. This indicates to this scientist that they are quite capable of reasonable thought. Now if we could train both male and female jackanapes to use their powers for Good!

I like my job. I used to love it when the jackanapes were pre-adolescent. The genuine curiosity of the world and their peers. Their honest desire for training and attention. I hear the infant jackanapes are even sweeter in nature. Mayhap I should transfer to a new zoo.

BTW, I asked my four-year-old nephew what it was that his Aunt J-Me does for a living. He responded without hesitation and with complete seriousness, "My Aunt J-Me teacher the kids at the school." That baby boy is the cutest Jackanape I know!


  1. I raised two of those; now one is living in South Africa, the other in Ireland, and I'm an expat in the U.S. Missing them so much :) -Belinda [A - Z participant; please stop by.]

  2. You're a zookeeper? That's such an awesome job. And I love jackanapes.

    Happy A to Z blogging.

  3. what a great word! and a sweet post!
    nice to meet you =)

  4. Have enjoyed reading your posts.
    What a cute Jackanape you have there :)