Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Finger Paint

It's spring in Texas so you better enjoy these fabulous two weeks when the fulgent sun doesn't turn your backyard into the 80s version of the easy bake oven. Each afternoon, I emerge from my classroom with no windows and want to embrace that radiant globe by doing something child-like. Today I chose to ... FINGER PAINT! What do you do to embrace your inner kiddo?


  1. I haven't finger painted in years. I love the way your painting turned out. As for embracing my inner kiddo...I'm a nanny, I do it regularly. Mostly, we like to play imagination games or just put down a large piece of paper and doodle all over it. Maybe we should try finger painting one day.

  2. What a lovely painting! I love the bright colors! I used to finger paint with my mother as a little girl. This picture makes me want to do it again!