Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Equality

Have you ever stopped to really look at and ponder the words, "We are all equal in the eyes of God"? He created each of us as uniquely as snowflakes. No two of us are the same, but He loves us all just the same. There is an empyrean home in heaven waiting for each of us. This is all good parenting on His part.

We, His children, however, are not being good brothers and sisters in this family. We are not spreading His lessons of love to all of our siblings. We are not treating each other has He treats us...equally. I am just as bad and wayward as they come when it comes to the word "HATE."

I have been finding myself, more and more, saying, "I hate _______." For instance, I hate DOMA. I hate that my best friends who are committed to one another cannot fully rest in the security of the more than 1,200 rights under the law that my husband and I are afforded because we are married. I hate that the fear our society puts into our youths keeps some battened down in the proverbial closets choosing lives of loneliness or denial. I ate that the students in the halls at school use, "that's so gay" as a pejorative for everything. I hate that there is no zero tolerance rule for the offenders. I hate that school-aged children take their own lives because they can't see a life without abuse in their future. I ate that hate is winning a popularity contest in our government. I hate that people I know and love would hate me if I were gay. I HATE HATE!


  1. Well spoken! It's sad to see that there are still such huge boundaries to people being able to live in equality and without fear of being who they are. As advanced as our society claims to be sometimes, it's not easy seeing just how far we have to go.

  2. Well spoken indeed! I just recently learned what that red & pink sign, I've been seeing all over facebook means. God did create us all equal, all His children. It's only man and his weakness that has changed those rules.I feel it's only with more sharing and education that this will change world wide. May God's wisdom grow in each of us.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  3. Well said! It's sad that we have such ignorance in high power within our government. I hate that most the hate, if not all the hate, comes from Christians spreading God's word.

    One day hopefully we will all be Equal!

    Love you sis!