Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Write on Wednesdays: Sunshine Writing

Write On Wednesdays
It's been a while since I participated in InkPaperPen's weekly meme Write on Wednesdays, and I have missed it! Gil brings us an awesome prompt this week:

The Prompt:
Take the first line of whatever you last read...Magazine Article. Blog Post. Newspaper. TV Guide. Doesn't matter what. Write the line on a piece of paper. Take that piece of paper outside. Leave your screen behind. Wait until you have been outside for at least 15 minutes (an important part of the exercise) and then use your prompt to begin writing. Choose to write a 5 minute stream of consciousnesses or take it slow and write a 500 word piece.  

For my long-time readers, you know that I have been in search of happiness for a while now. In my search, I stumbled upon The Bloggess and have begun to think she and I are besties who've just never met. If you haven't read her, you need to search for Beyonce the Giant Metal Chicken...get ready to laugh so hard you might wet yourself. Once you have read Jenny's blog, then buy her book (link from amazon at the bottom of this page to support my amazon habit, please!), Let's Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir). If you only read the chapter about "Stanley, the Magical Talking Squirrel", then it paid for itself in the endorphin rush that will engulf you from your hysterical laughter.

Here we go: "When I tell people that my father is kind of a total lunatic, they laugh and nod knowingly."

I can only think of the stories that paint my parents as heroes, saving toddlers and old women. However, when Darling Daughter gets grown, she too will have funny stories to tell the world about her lunatic parents. I can only imagine what stories we will create for her in the coming years. Currently, she can tell her friends about how every time Hubby Dearest and I have time to ourselves, we tend to find ourselves up a log-jammed tributary with paddles and no boat motor as the sun is setting. Or she can regale them with her Daddy's "The Time I Sunk The Boat" story. She can recount the yearly camping trips to Arkansas and our staying up all night to fish and sleeping most of the day. She will receive sympathy for all the backwoods, country sayings that I plant in her brain. I think the one that will get her the most sympathy will be how her J-Me went on a crocheting frenzy to stop smoking and how she feared she would have to wear all the crazy things I made for her. Most of all, I hope she will remember this last weekend when she told me off. I was doing my normal self-bad-mouthing, and from the backseat DD practically yelled, "Will you please stop! You never let anyone else beat themselves up. You need to stop being mean to yourself!" I have never been more proud of her and ashamed of myself. 

Buy this book and then tell me about the lunatic you love the most...


  1. You are raising one sharp little cookie there. Good for her.

  2. Your daughter is very wise! :-) Great post and I am off to check out the this book. Have a wonderful day!

  3. I think she will have some great stories to tell.

    She's a bright girl and so right, be kind to yourself.

    Heading over to check out that blog :)

  4. Good on your daughter for sticking up for you! I need one of those voices permanently inside my brain to wrap me on the knuckles sometimes.

    Good to have WoW back :)