Tuesday, September 8, 2015

You Do You...I Am Doing Me

One Year Ago and Now.
Tonight at the Try-it Tuesday for the Lifetime Fitness 90-day Challenge, as we were waiting on the grocery store tour to begin (in a nutshell, shop the outside and avoid the aisles), one of the ladies recounted her weekend.

She told us of her "pity party" (her words, not mine) that she threw after seeing that she hadn't lost as much weight as most of the country in this Challenge. She lamented that her two, no three, okay four "bad" meals had led her to gain weight this week. I asked her why she was comparing herself to others. She remarked that she was highly competitive.

My advice is the same I give to everyone: If you aren't doing this for you, then you are doing it for the wrong reasons. If you are highly competitive, which I am not, then compete with yourself. If you lost one pound last week, then lose one and a half this week. If you only made it to the gym twice, shoot for three times. Can't hold that plank for 30 grueling, fire-in-the-belly seconds, then do it every day until you can.

Yes, I am doing this so that my daughter has a mother and my husband has a wife. I made this decision so that my parents don't have to say good-bye to another child too soon. Most importantly, I do this for me. I have life that wasn't there before. I love myself for the first time in my life...inside and out. You do you...FOR you. No one else has to live with your decisions more than you.

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  1. Honest opinion? I don't think that lady IS highly competitive, I think she's afraid of failure and therefore sets herself up to fail. It's no accident that she had four 'bad' meals, I see it all the time with friends who maintain they are trying to lose weight and yet either remain the same or even gain weight. It's a lack of self belief, wanting something yet not believing you can achieve it. You are absolutely right, you have to do it for you and the more you do the more you can do and the more belief in yourself you will have. It's a mind set and, if you don't have the right one then your goal, whatever it is, will always feel out of reach. I think the key is in understanding and accepting that. Once you realize that you are the one sabotaging yourself then you can take steps to change that.