Monday, June 25, 2012

What I Figured Out in a Month Without Social Networking...

Day 1: Well doesn't that just figure! Literally at midnight on May 25, I had like three writing ideas pop into my head. It's as if telling the world I would not social network for one month unleashed my writer's block. Maybe it was the yoga instructor performing a Reiki at the end of our Hatha Yoga class last night. I wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerberg with an idea for a feature to add to Facebook. I made a cocoa and sugar body scrub out of olive oil, cocoa, sugar, salt and vanilla. I smell like a candy bar.

Day 3: I must have really been an obnoxious poster since I catch myself picking up my phone or iPad several times within an hour. Here's one post I really, really wish I could have put out there this past weekend. "Dear Loud and Mean Couple at the MIB3 movie in Texarkana, you hurt my feelings and made my Mama extremely unhappy with your loud and rude comments and pseudo patronizing argument about which one of you would sit next to me. The arm rest is up because I paid just as much for that movie as you did, and I want to be comfortable. There were hundreds of other places for you to sit. You should have moved. You should not get away with being mean to people. However, I know I feel like the better person because I didn't move to make you more comfortable. I moved because I DIDN'T WANT TO SIT NEXT TO YOU!"

Day 5: Righteous indignation..."typically a reactive emotion of anger over perceived mistreatment, insult, or malice" (wiki), is somewhat kept in check when one is on hiatus from the social network.

Day 6: Signed up for Linkys Tool and will have a Scrawl Along coming out the first Thursday I am back. I hope you will play along.

Day 7: Goodness me oh my! I must have been OB-FREAKING-NOXIOUS with my social networking. I wish I had a dime for every time somebody tells me, "This DOES NOT go in your blog/FaceBook." BTW...I read a blog about "Happy BS Day" today; it acknowledges the anger in the mourning process and celebrates it. Heck yeah!

Day 10: I had to break the pact and post on the Girl Scout Camp Staff Facebook page this weekend. In this case, though, it was because this is how we are communicating and planning. In this instance, social networking is saving time verses draining it.

Days 13-23: Girl Scout Camp! I volunteered to work my tail off for a good cause. I even paid my own way so that our resources were used most efficiently. It's a good thing I was on hiatus from social networking because I probably would have made a mess complaining about a person who trampled all over my feelings. Even though the girls and other volunteers made it worth it, I question whether I'll do it again. My feelings are just too fragile. That's my problem/issue for me to deal with or get one elses. Don't go to bed angry. Don't respond when you're angry. Don't promise when you're happy. Don't decide when you are sad. Don't lash out online when someone makes you feel like a bad person for caring about others.

Day 24: With only one week to go, I oopsied a titch when I was accepting friend requests from all the new friends I made at GS Camp..."make new friends..."

Day 26: I have made time for phone calls and lunches with friends because I am not in the "know" on what's up with the Gang. Has social networking made us less communicative? Now we don't have to interact to know what is going on with our nearest and dearests...we can stalk them online. Tisk, tisk, tisk!

Day 27: I had to tell my hubby dearest Happy Birthday!

Day 28: I broke my silence a little early...who cares! I gained perspective and learned a lot. Now I am ready to get back out here.


  1. A month with no blogging is a month without sunshine... but you DID it (more or less)... congratulations.

    1. I wonder if that could be the reason I was in the blues so much more the past month...