Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Perpetual Learner

Each day we learn something whether we want to or not. What is today's lesson? For me, I am learning about communication. With each person in my life, I must communicate for him/her, not just to him/her.

For instance, darling daughter's preferred communication varies with her 12-year-old mood for the day. Hubby dearest wants everyone to "just spit it out already!" My sister-in-law will text you from the same room, but my sister desires a face-to-face. Mother divine wants every detail, and you're lucky to get more than a few words from father stoic. Some people want the communication centered on themselves while others deflect any attention.

My lesson learned: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! Depending on who you're dealing with, ask questions, listen with both ears, and get the full 4-1-1 before you ever get started. Be ready to mix it up if your communication is not making it through.

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